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Success Stories

Get Inspired to Get Fit!

Check these healthy weight loss success stories. It will motivate you to eat right, burn calories, and get the best body you’ve always wanted!


Train with khaled

“I started training with Khaled in March 2016. before meeting him I was constantly failing at achieving my fitness goal. I almost lost hope. Trainer khaled guided me through right exercises, food diet and tips to improving my lifestyle and habits. My body transformation came as a result of dedication, commitment hard work, and of course Khaled’s motivation and guidance.” Serge




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before and fter
 “My  journey began in March 2015. It has been an amazing experience, one of my best investments. It has not only made me physically stronger, but an all around better person.Khaled is the absolute best Trainer. He has the patience  and never loses faith in your ability to reach  the unachievable. He pushes you to work harder, lift heavier, and always do one more, all, with the best and safest form possible.” Abdo Haddad


“I never thought I could achieve such great results in this small period of time. Thank you Khaled for motivating me, training  me and teaching me how to take care of my health and body. You are the best, and I look forward to building and toning more muscles with your support.” David Saliba



“I have been trying to lose weight for so long, and I have met many trainers with no real benefit. It wasn’t until I met Khaled that my life changed for good! He is the best trainer, he helped me lose weight, tone my muscles, and adapt a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing he taught me was that heavy weights are nothing without the proper technique. And he was focused on how to train not “how much you can lift”. He also made me realize that fitness is a lifestyle and shared with me his knowledge about food and nutrition. This guy is better than any dietitian I have ever seen. I never thought I could be the person that I am today, I know now I can still do better. Thank you Khaled!” Karl Sahyoun


How Can A Personal Trainer Help You?

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to my blog!

This month’s topic is about what I do as a personal trainer and how I can help You achieve your fitness goal and improve your health and life style.

I have met many people who showed concern and inquired about personal training, so I chose to talk about the benefit of hiring a personal trainer for two reasons:
1- To help people understand the purpose of training with a specialist and how they both contribute to achieving the best results.
2- To answer those interested but hesitant, and maybe help them find their reason to hiring a trainer.

As you will read below, I will further elaborate How a Personal Trainer can help you:

Motivation: we all try to avoid hiring a trainer, so we chose to do it on our own. We start motivated for the first few weeks, we hit the Gym and we train regularly. However, gradually we become discouraged especially when we stop seeing results and we get bored with the workout routines and then we quit. I bet we have all lived this scenario.
A personal trainer on the other hand will motivate you on your setbacks and help you pick up again. Also, he will mix and match workouts to always renew the routine and involve fun in it to boost your energy level and motivation. He will give you all the support and encouragement needed. He is dedicated to making you fitter, better and healthier, simply because your success, means his success as a personal trainer.

Consistency: Another benefit earned when hiring a personal trainer. Consistency is the key to progress in your fitness program. As we said earlier, sometimes we might aim too high and sometimes too low, and that will cause us to fail our plan. Success won’t just happen overnight and requires dedication and hard work.
The personal trainer will help you stay committed, focused on the routine and on the path of achieving your goal. The trainer won’t accept excuses and will help you set the right mindset and the right expectations.

Individual instruction: one of the best aspects for hiring a personal trainer is that he/she tailors a workout routine specifically for You. That is why it is always important to share your fitness goal, weakness, strength, or any information with your trainer.
Professional trainers will usually assess your fitness level prior to choosing your routines; they might also require a body composition test and will calculate your BMI. Accordingly the trainer will design the workout plan to meet your goal and to be suitable for your physical condition.

Effective workouts: We go to the gym, looking to lose weight, thinking the more time we spend on the treadmill the more weight we will lose. The truth is that we might be working the wrong muscle, or repeating the wrong exercise and wasting time with no actual benefit.
Quality matters. Although your workout frequency should be consistent and increasing over time, your workout session might not exceed the period of one hour. The reason is that with a tailored routine, you will do the right moves and you will achieve your goal, whether its weight loss, fitness training, or body building. Effective workouts will save you time and give you all the benefits.

Supervision:  designing the workout, doing the workout and then supervising the routine. The personal trainer will make sure you are doing the moves, the postures and the breathing technique right. All these details affect your body. The trainer will go through every move and will guide you with the exercises. This benefit will make you work the right muscle and will also help you prevent injury.

Evaluation: the scale is always a good indication in case of weight loss. It’s true. But your body measures, your fitness progress and your muscle toning need tracking, and your personal trainer is the one for the job. He is there to track your development from day one.
However, you must keep in mind that fitness goes hand in hand with your food diet. You should eat healthy and avoid unhealthy foods and eating habits. Also, you must reduce your alcohol intake and follow your trainers instruction for your own sake.

Personal trainers will help you a lot; they are the experts that will support you all the way towards your goal.  He is very knowledgeable of the body functions and fitness, and is an added value for an enhanced life style and a healthier body. However, the relationship evolves over time to form a team where they work together to attain their goal.  It takes will and dedication to make it work. Still have any doubts?

Khaled Hafez


workout to try at home

Workout Tips to try at Home. Squat!

Hello Everyone!
This months` workout is Squat!
Benefits:Builds Muscle in Your Entire Body especially quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, tone Your Backside, Abs and burn more fats. 
Guess what: No equipment needed!
Your head should be facing forward. Keep your chest up and out.
This is the position you try and keep your back at through the movement. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Hold your hands out in front of you at shoulder height. Doing this will help you keep your balance.
Sit back and down like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair. Head still facing forward. Your upper body will naturally bend forward a bit to keep you balanced. Keep lower back slightly arched and don’t allow it to round as you descend.
When you are in the middle of the squat, your hamstrings come close with the calves. Keep your body tight and push through your heels to bring yourself back to the starting position.Repeat.

Fat Facts and Weight Loss!

Hello October, Hello Dear Friends and Welcome to my Blog!

This month’s article is about fat facts and weight loss! I know that we are all back to tracking our food diet, weights, and body shape. Now we all want fast results, we start excited for the first few weeks, all disciplined and we lose few pounds; yet, as we hit the weight loss plateau (when weight loss slows down) we lose hope and start to think our routines are not effective anymore.
While this might be true in some cases, we need to understand our body fat types and mechanism. If we simply know how fats are formed we will know how to adjust our eating and exercises habits and how to treat our bodies’ reactions as well.
Thus, as you read below I will inform you about Body fat: all what you need to know about Fat and how to beat it!
By definition, Fat is one of the basic components that make up the structure of your body. It is divided into two categories: Essential fat and storage fat. Essential fat is necessary for the normal healthy functioning. It is stored in small amounts in our bone marrow, organs, central nervous system and muscles. Its average percentage in men is around 3% of body weight, while it can reach 12% in Women, considered as “sex –specific” for breasts, pelvis, hips, and thighs.
Storage fat, on the other hand is the fat accumulated beneath your skin, in specific areas inside your body, and muscles. Men and women have similar amounts of storage fat. Now, if you investigate our storage fats, you will understand that there are 2 types:
  • Visceral fat also known as active fat: deep fats stored within the abdominal cavity around the liver, pancreas and intestines and it is active because it can dangerously affect our hormones and can lead to serious health problems and diabetes. It is the fat burned first when we start our weight loss program. To lose visceral fat we must focus on adjusting our nutrition and life style by eating healthy foods, sleeping well, reducing stress levels, limiting our alcohol intakes and quitting smoking.
  • Subcutaneous fat and also means under the skin.” It contains not only fatty tissues but also blood vessels, essential for oxygen supply, and have positive role as a shock absorber, against trauma, and also stores energy used during periods of high activity. However, for people concerned about their look, It is the fat we most see lying under the skin. Too much fat can cause the skin to become tight or stretched, and result in cellulite or a dimpled look of the skin. It is the fat burned last and it is the most difficult.
      In order for us to reduce the subcutaneous fat, we must workout harder and train more often, and we must follow a strict food diet cutting off sugar and carbs, fattening foods and also reducing our calories intake and meals portions.
        written by khaled Hafez


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Nutrition: You are what you Eat!

Hello Dear Friends and welcome to my Blog!
January’s topic is Nutrition. I know many people who are comfortable with their unhealthy eating habits. They know they don’t have the average healthy diet and they don’t feel they need to lose additional weight or change their routine. Maybe they are afraid to give up on their guilty pleasures, maybe they suffer from an emotional disorder, and are not aware of their condition, or maybe they just take health for granted!
As the title indicates “you are what you eat”, I want to emphasize on the importance of a healthy nutrition for an overall well-being; because our eating habits reflect on our lifestyle, which mirrors our way of thinking, decision making and health, which reveals the quality of life we lead, and thus gives us a clear indication to a predefined destination, and then we call it destiny.
In my research on fitness and health, I came to conclude two key elements for a better self through nutrition: Balance and Self-awareness. Please read below for tips on how to maintain these 2 major life changing factors when choosing your meals:



  • Food and Alcohol intake: the ideal nutrition involves vegetables, fruits, protein, and carbs; all moderately consumed for a healthy body. The best combination is a balance between what you want to eat and what is best for your body.
    However, as said earlier, you don’t have to stop eating junk food, at least not immediately. Just know the nutrition facts about these meals, evaluate the risks and know your limits. When you weigh the benefits against the threats you might realize it is not worth the sacrifice. The same applies to Alcohol. Besides the risk of a hangover, drunkenness and embarrassment caused by excessive alcohol intake, spirits add fat to your body and damage your brain and health. It would be then beneficial to balance how and when to stop.
  • Lifestyle and workout: sedentary life style, active, to very active and athlete. The type of movement we do is equivalent to the amount of calories we burn. When you move, you improve your metabolism, burn more calories, then you are more likely to be healthy and have a better life. Again, to avoid the extreme opposite, I recommend balancing your food diet with your physical activity. Your consumed calories should always be less than the burned ones, to avoid weight increase. For the best outcome, include workout in your daily routine.
  • Calories count: This technique helps you with the weight control and nutrition analysis. Too many apps are available to help you track your food quality and measure your progress. Calories count can be so effective in balancing your food intake and exercise. It will also provide you with the nutrients and facts about almost all foods.


  • Emotional stability: Many of us tend to eat more when angry or upset, all leading to a more emotional vulnerability which eventually worsens our state. A healthy food diet and a balanced life style help us stabilize the chemicals and hormones in our body, and prevent many psychological disorders such as depression, binge eating, panic attacks and more…
    The same works reciprocally, when we starve ourselves, or skip meals, we become nervous and lose focus. I am sure we have all felt this way at some point when we tried to skip breakfast for weight loss. We suffered headaches, stomachaches; we were mad and eventually stopped dieting and ate even more.
  • Health condition: Being aware of our health condition is very essential for our nutrition, and vice versa. A good technique is to pay attention to our body signs and have regular checkups to keep track of our health. Maintaining a balanced nutrition is the best way to prevent serious health problems. Thus knowing your body’s weaknesses and strengths will help you make wiser food choices.
  • Body composition: this test usually describes the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscles in our bodies. It is a good way to learn about your body compounds, so you can improve your lifestyle in order to avoid later complications. It will help you set your BMI, adjust your food diet, and boost your health.
   Khaled Hafez

Workout Tips to try at Home. The Plank!

Hey there,
Today I will introduce to you The famous Plank!
This Type of exercise improves Strength.
 you will mainly work yourabdominal muscles, the only equipment needed iss your body!
 Step1: Get into a prone position on the floor, supporting your weight on your toes and your forearms. Your arms are bent and directly below the shoulder.
Step 2: Keep your body straight at all times, and hold this position as long as possible. To increase difficulty, an arm or leg can be raised.