How to Stay Fit During Summer ?!

Hello Dear Friends, and Welcome to my Blog!
Summer at its peak! It is very hot and humid out there. Also, it is the festivals’ season, the travel,  the ice cream temptations and endless dinners and outings. It is the best time of the year, and you should not miss it!
Still, there is that summer body you worked very hard for during winter, the six packs you almost died for. There is that sexy swimsuit you intend to dazzle people with on the beach, the body top that shows every detail of your figure… You can’t decide what is best, you can’t stop cheating on your fitness plan, and you just can’t help it!
My blog will give you tips on How To Stay Fit During Summer. The purpose is to help those ice cream addicts stay in shape without missing the summer fun!
Now, my first advice is to keep it balanced and moderate! don’t go all crazy to the extreme. I can’t stress on the importance of balancing your food diet, lifestyle and activities. It will always be the best technique to staying fit without feeling deprived; this could lead to going to the negative edge of being healthy!
My second advice is to Stay active: If you are going to the beach, take a ball with you, go for a run, swim, play tennis, have fun moving while you also tan, don’t just sit and eat. If you are in the mountains go for a hike, tour the village on a bicycle, play in the field. If you are traveling, walk around sights explore the city by bike or go on an adventure. it is the best kind of fun. You can also hit the gym for some weight lifting, it will help you tone some muscles for that shirt!
The third tip is about keeping a balanced food diet. I know for a fact, that some foods are just irresistible and we cant have enough of them, and that is totally normal. But if you don’t want to go weight, it is better that you control those craving. Try to avoid eating sweets before bed; have it in the morning, or simply go for one scoop of ice cream instead if three. If you are planning a yummy dinner at night and you know you are going to cheat, then have a light lunch during the day, or allow yourself one cheat day or meal during the week.  Again keep it balanced!
Now my last advice is about staying dehydrated and keeping your lifestyle balanced. If you are a party addict, and you love to drink alcohol remember to drink plenty of water to keep your body dehydrated and to balance your food intake to avoid gaining unnecessary fats. Sleep for the minimum of 7 hours to help your body improve its metabolism and to avoid feeling tired during the day.
Khaled Hafez